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Railways Products & Services:


Engineering Consultants, Environmental Consultants, Rail Signage Consultants, Safety Consultants, Transport Planning Consultants,

Electrification & Power Supply

Battery Chargers, Cable Detection, Cable Identification Products, Cable Management Systems, Cable Marker Printers, Cables & Components, Cabling Contractors, Circuit Protection, Conductors, DC Power Solutions, Earth Testers, Electrical Connectors, Electrical Contractors, Electrical Installations, Electrical Test Equipment, GRP Systems, High Speed Electrical Terminations, LSOH Conduit, Overhead Line, Overhead line Fittings, Power Cable Fault Locators, Railway Cables, Railway Connectors, Railway Terminal Blocks, Spring Pressure Connectors, Spring Pressure Terminal Blocks, Spring Pressure Terminations, Standby Power Solutions, Switches & Controllers, Terminals, Third Rail Supply, Trackside Power Supply, Wire Identification Products, Wire Marking Printers,

Essential Products & Services

Anti Graffiti Coatings,  Condition Monitoring Programmes, Corrosion Control, Emergency Equipment, Heavy Lifting Gear, Industrial Labels & Tags, Industrial Printers, Accessories & Supplies, Noise & Vibration Control, Oil Analysis, Railway Batteries, Rerailling Equipment, Road Rail Access, Road Rail Plant, Safety Equipment, Simulation Systems, Storage & Handling, Testing & Analysis.

 Fare Collection

Access Gates, Data Collection, Money Handling, Smartcard Technology, Ticket Printing, Ticket Vending, Ticket Vending Machine Suppliers, Tickets, Turnstiles,

Rail Safety

Access Control, Anti Slip Products, Anti Slip Walkways, Ballast Retention Systems, Corrosion Control, Diagnostics & Fault Loggers, Emergency Equipment, Fire Approved Coatings, Heavy Duty Pressure Switches, High Visibility Workwear, Safety Consultants, Speedometers, Surface Mounted Tactile Paving,

Rolling Stock Components

Batteries, Bearings, Body Shells, Bogies & Wheelsets, Braking Systems, Buffers &Drawgear,  Couplers, Buffers &Drawgear, Data Recorders, Data Transmission, Diesel Engines, Door Systems, Electronic Components, Engine Cooling Equipment, Entertainment Systems, Fuel Systems, Gears & Gearboxes, Heating & Air Conditioning, High Security Key Systems, Hydraulic Equipment, Information Systems, Interior Design & Fittings, Lighting, Safety Lighting, Livery, Metal Finishing, Pneumatic Equipment, Power Supplies, Safety Systems, Seating, Security Systems, Signs, , Traction Systems,

Rolling Stock Maintenance

Rail Components & Spares, Rail Workshop Equipment, Service Platforms, Train Washing Equipment, Workshop Storage And Handling,

Signalling, Control & Communication

Automated Driving, Automatic Route Setting, Batteries For Rail Signalling, Cab Equipment, Data Recorders, Diagnostics & Fault Loggers, Interlockings, LED Bardic Lamps, LED Signals, Level Crossing Controls, Lineside Signals, Personal Signalling Lamps, Points Control, Positive Train Control, Power Solutions For Rail Signalling, Railway Communications System, Signalling Components,  Signalling Control, Signalling Control Systems, Signalling Design, Signalling Power Solutions, Signalling Solutions, Signalling Systems, Speedometers, Train Management Systems,

Station Equipment

Access Control Solutions,  Composite Railway Platforms, Concourse Signage, Escalators, Fare Collection & Ticketing, Fire Protection, Furnishings, Heating & Ventilation, Rail Platform Seating, Rail Platform Solutions, Rail Waiting Room Seating, Railway Signs, Safety Handrails, Security Equipment, Signage, Street Furniture, Walkways,

Track Components & Materials

Rail Fastening Systems, Rail Fastenings, Rail Track, Rail Track Tools, Rail Welding, Railway Washers, Sleepers, Switches, Track And Train Supplies, Track Design, Track laying Equipment, Track Maintenance, Track Maintenance Equipment, Trackside Contractors service, Trackside Security Solutions

Key Products

Switch gear modules
Power electronic devices
Computer systems and ancillary apparatus
Cabling and harness work
LED and State of the art displays
Mechanical components – precision and cast
Signage, Security products and lighting systems
Rail parts and mechanisms
Stations and passenger facilities
Control panels and sub assemblies
Custom built products for new applications.

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